Green Grass

What happens to the old design templates after a successful relaunch of a website? Good question. Usually the designs stay part of the designer’s portfolio, always good to laugh at when thinking about the old days, right?

But what do you do when a lot of people really liked the old design and hate you for replace it with this ugly new one? Well, the designer could be smart and rebuild his css/html into a nice Wordpress theme that anyone would download and be happy.

That’s what I do now. But I am even smarter and let other people do the theming job ;-) Thanks to Robert Hartl from Netprofit Webseitenoptimierung for helping me with making the World Of Wordpress a little bit greener.

By the way: »GR« stands for »GReen GRass« or »Gerrit & Robert«


Additional Information

Wordpress-Theme GR 2.6.2 / Last update: August 8th, 2008

CSS, XHTML and design elements are released under GPL: